8 Steps to Developing Good Habits


I just started a positive new habit, meditation. Three of my executive leadership clients meditate daily and I've always been intrigued and drawn to the daily practice. Each of those three clients stated that meditation impacted their daily energy and overall sustainability, which is one of my primary messages for a life of accomplishment and fulfillment. 

I found that technology has made it difficult to find time to unplug and recharge, to tap into my inner creativity and wisdom. Researchers from Harvard and the University of Virginia did an experiment in which they gave people a choice to be alone in a room for one hour without anything – devices books phones – or to get an electric shock. 67% of men chose an electric shock women were much better… 25% choosing being shocked.

The capacity to be alone, and in quiet solitude is essential for a leader's emotional and spiritual wholeness. I've practiced a ritual hour for years, but I'm now including a few minutes for meditation. For me it is a spiritual practice. I'm retreating to our living room for 5 to 10 minutes and focusing my thoughts on just one theme:

  • Peace
  • Grace
  • Joy
  • Purity
  • Excellence
  • Gratitude

I try to attach a visual image to that days theme, quiet my mind, and focused deeply. I'm also trying to be aware of my breathing and slowing my heart rate.

Question: What new habit can you start?

Habits aren't instincts, they are acquired actions or reactions. They don't just happen, they are caused. The following steps will assist your leadership in changing bad habits and the good ones:

  1. List your bad habits.
  2. What was the original cause?
  3. What are the supporting causes?
  4. Determine a positive habit to replace the bad one.
  5. Think about the good habit, it's benefits and rewards.
  6. Take action to develop this habit.
  7. Act upon this habit daily for reinforcement.
  8. Reward yourself by noting one of the benefits from your good habit.

*Special thanks and gratitude to Jay Ballinger, Janelle Cronk, and Earl Hightower for your inspiring example. I am already feeling the positive benefits from meditation.

Here's to building better habits!

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