Hope: The Leader's Edge

Prime Minister Winston Churchill's leadership is legendary. He led England during the dark days of conflict with the Nazis. He knew everything rose and fell on leadership. His message had the power of hope for the great people of England. 

As the Nazis swept like a tsunami across Europe and mercilessly bombed England, the task of defeating Hitler grew larger than David's battle with Goliath. It seemed hopeless... impossible. Yet, despite the worst of Las Vegas odds, the British prevailed. 

How did this small nation take on the Nazis?

When Winston Churchill was asked what England's greatest weapon was, he responded with one word. Hope. Hope is the leader's edge, the leader's greatest asset and weapon to battle setbacks and losses. 

Here are 8 powerful ways hope gives you the leader's edge:

  1. Hope pivots a setback into a learning lesson.
  2. Hope is a solution finder.
  3. Hope regards tough circumstances as opportunities to begin again.
  4. Hope sees blessings beyond the valleys of life.
  5. Hope looks for new open doors. 
  6. Hope draws strength from inner resolve. 
  7. Hope finds a way... a new path.
  8. Hope views failure as a friend, coach, and mentor.

If you want to find your leader's edge and new motivation, if you want to face your loses and keep moving to a better tomorrow, embrace hope!

In dedication to my third grandchild ~ Kensington Hope!