A Leader of Influence

Leadership is about the power of your daily influence. It is also about the power of reproducing other influencers. 

I had the privilege of witnessing that first hand last weekend at the memorial service of my wife's father, Chuck Rall. Chuck was truly a great man of consistency, character, faith, work-ethic, and loving service to others. I had the honor of saying a few words at his memorial service which was an honor I will cherish. 

What struck me most was listening to four of his ten grandchildren share the power of his influence. They described being inspired to live and lead like Papa Chuck did. You could feel the impact of his life and sense the desire of others to follow in his footsteps. 

I've been told emergency room nurses at hospitals have a saying: "Watch one, do one, teach one." It refers to the need to learn a technique quickly, jump right in and do it with a patient, and then turn around and pass it on to another nurse. 

The mentoring process for developing influencers works in a similar way. It happens when you take potential influencers (leaders) under your wing, speak into their life, empower them and share with them the power of their influence. Then release and let them go to raise up other leaders. Every time you do that you multiply your influence. Every time you do that you plant seeds for greater success. 

Being an influencer means:

  • Showing faith in others
  • Listening to their hopes and dreams
  • Understanding their background and taking time to get to know them
  • Modeling consistency and excellence 
  • Enlarging their view of their potential 
  • Challenging them to play their strengths 
  • Connecting them to other influencers
  • Empowering their personal vision with specific goals
  • Multiply others daily to expand your influence, impact and inspiration

Investing in others isn't a task or an added responsibility. It's a lifestyle. As time goes by you'll witness a reward that's greater than you own personal interest. The decision is yours to make. you can run a solo race or choose to run a relay. Each day you have a baton, reach out your hand and pass it to another leader of influence and change your world. 

Special thanks and deep gratitude to Julie's father Chuck Rall, a leader I was inspired to follow and be mentored by. "I have the baton Chuck, and it's not stopping with me!"

Here's to building influencers!


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