How to Discover Your Own Sense of Vision

Each summer I commit to August as visioning month. I ask my coaching clients to do the same. A person with a clear vision personally and professionally will make progress on a challenging road. The person who lacks vision will struggle to make progress even on the smoothest road.

Vision gives you personal drive. Vision shows you a destination. Vision paints a picture of your future. Vision energizes you. Vision makes obstacle seem small compared to your destination. I often say during trainings and presentations that people spend more time planning a one week vacation planning their life.

Here's my simple formula to start discovering your own sense of vision:

  1. Listen to the inner voice: This is where you receive your vision. >What do I want to accomplish in the next 12 to 24 months? >What type of personally or do I want to be?
  2. Listen to the disappointed voice: This is where you receive your best ideas going forward.
  3. Listen to the successful voice: This is where you receive focus around accomplishments not trivial activities.
  4. Listen to the client's voice: This is where you'll receive feedback and ideas for clear vision.
  5. Listen to the higher voice: This is where you receive a moral compass to keep you centered on your mission.

Vision is critical to good leadership. Leaders who go too fast without vision fail. Leaders who discover their vision…

  • Inspire themselves and those they influence.
  • Stay motivated.
  • Create sustainable value.
  • Break tunnel vision and think big.
  • Stay enthused, resilient, and optimistic.

Join with me and my coaching clients and turn August into vision month. Your best days are out in front of you if you take the time to clarify what you want to accomplish and the type of personal leader you're committed to becoming.

Here's to discovering your vision!