15 Ways Leadership Makes a Difference

I was recently in Memphis Tennessee leading an all-day leadership retreat. As we began the daily discussion I reminded them that each of us "makes a difference" personally and professionally.

The question is: What kind of difference are you really making? 

Too many leaders today are going through the motions. They are preoccupied by noise and distraction, obsessed by the constant flow of "shiny objects" on the internet and wasting precious moments on trivial activities. Rather than thinking through the day and intentionally investing in others, they squander opportunities of empowering and equipping team members and clients. 

I've also witnessed some great leaders in action the last few months. I've seen what good leadership can do. I've seen it turn around organizations and impact the lives of men and women thirsty to be inspired and led. 

True leadership is not quick and easy to develop, but what a worthwhile thing it is. Becoming a better leader pays huge dividends, and is rewarding and fulfilling. 

Here are 15 ways leadership makes a difference:

  1. Leadership gives you the courage to break comfort zones. 
  2. Leadership is the passion to be a difference maker. 
  3. Leadership disrupts the mundane and creates a better life. 
  4. Leadership takes 100% responsibly for your life. 
  5. Leadership looks for solutions in everyday challenges.
  6. Leadership takes a stand and does what's right. 
  7. Leadership is teachable and open to new ideas.
  8. Leadership puts the team first.
  9. Leadership taps into the dreams of others.
  10. Leadership unlocks the invisible with vision. 
  11. Leadership "teams up" and climbs mountains together.
  12. Leadership inspires the best by being the best you can be. 
  13. Leadership lives a balanced life. 
  14. Leadership puts others first and cares deeply.
  15. Leadership promotes the dreams of others. 

Each day is an opportunity to focus on yourself ~ your interest, your goals, your ambitions. Or it's an opportunity to lead others ~ focusing on their interest, goals, and ambitions. As you invest in your personal leadership, your personal and professional success will grow naturally. You will make a lasting difference in the lives of others. 

Today I challenge you to invest some time in three people. 

Apply some of these truths and bring out the best in others. The people you touch will appreciate it greatly! 

Here's to being a difference maker!

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