Who Made Success A Bad Word?

Earl Hightower is one of the most recognized interventionists in the country today. For over 30 years, Earl has worked on the front lines of addiction recovery. The focus of his work has been to develop successful systems and strategies to support his clients in their goal of achieving a lasting connection to recovery.

I recently had the privilege of meeting Earl for dinner along with executives from Foundations Recovery Network in Malibu California. His story is remarkable and has led him on inspiring mission. Our dinner discussion centered on “seasons” of life, Earl said, "Without a doubt Steve, I want the next season to be my most successful, and most significant."

I couldn't agree more. Too many people today are shying away from the pursuit of success. They believe that there something wrong with aiming to be very successful. I’ve actually heard people suggest that if you strive for success, you must not be concerned with making a difference and being significant.

Success vs. Significance -

An extraordinary life contains both

Whatever you do, strive for success. Being successful in your career and personal life provides a platform for significance, for making a lasting difference. Earl's commitment to excellence and success has elevated his personal platform in order to develop many meaningful relationships. It’s also led him to be recognized as an expert in addiction recovery and assist scores of men and women and their transition into purposeful living.

Part of what makes us human is the hunger to realize our great greatest gifts and live life fully. We were built to shine. We were built to use our gifts to succeed. Without that pursuit of both success and significance, I believe that we leave feeling we have walked the planet in vain.

I want to personally challenge you to make this season your most successful, your most significant.

"A leader success is largely determined by their ability to motivate themselves and others."

"This is your season for success. Ignore small thinkers and pursue your personal best!”

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