How the Best Leaders Practice Self-Renewal

One of my favorite coaching questions is: "How do you replenish yourself in order to sustain your leadership responsibilities?" The fact is the more you lead and the more you succeed, the more others will expect from you and seek you out. 

Three facts about life and leadership:

  1. Life is demanding and draining 
  2. People can be demanding and expect instant access
  3. Leadership is daily and it too is demanding

For me, if I don't make the intentional efforts to replenish my emotional energy, feed my spiritual soul, and sharpen my mind... I'll start to run on vapor and fumes. In time people notice a lack of vitality and a lack of personal clarity and impact. 

There is no perfect formula, but I recommend leaders commit 20% of their overall schedule to having a balanced program for self-renewal: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

What renews you? 

12 self-renewal coaching questions:

  1. How do you renew yourself daily?
  2. How do you renew yourself weekly?
  3. How do you renew yourself monthly?
  4. How do you renew yourself yearly?
  5. What renews your physical energy?
  6. What gives you emotional strength?
  7. What sharpens and improves your mind?
  8. What feeds your soul?
  9. What working rhythm is most effective?
  10. Do you honor your limits and stop to renew?
  11. Where do you need renewal?
  12. Will you take time now to schedule activities to remain at your best?

I noticed that my attitude and joy level go up upon renewal. I look forward to stopping and disengaging so I can re-engage more powerfully and effectively. 

Remember: Preserve and enhance the greatest asset you have - you!

Here's to building your self renewal,