Building Your Inner Circle

Just over a decade ago I realized my success and sustainability would depend on the people closest to me. That's when I started to invest in quality individuals that would add value to my life. I also decided I would give my best to them.

These individuals are high-level professional leaders and friends. They are people who are "summiting,", climbing in the game of life and leadership. No one in my inner circle has a victim mindset, they are all dynamic leaders whochallenge me with their commitment to do and be their best.

"Iron sharpens iron," and my inner circle, next to my family, is the single greatest blessing in my life. They have also changed over the years, people have come and gone. Three of my current six have remained constant. Now in my 50s, I value my Innercircle even more than ever before.

  • We lead together.
  • We dream together.
  • We laugh together.
  • We cry together.
  • We make a difference together.

If you have not developed an inner circle, I strongly encourage you to do so. Some members will move on, some may disappoint you, but all of them will help you and you'll never regret the investment of time and energy bringing them into your life.

Before I move someone into my inner circle I consider the following:

  1. Do they possess the character that will make me better?
  2. Will they have my back? 
  3. Do they have successful experience in their professional and personal lives?
  4. Have you consistently demonstrated keeping your word?
  5. Do we have chemistry? Can we appreciate each other?
  6. I move fast and act on ideas quickly, can they keep up?
  7. Do I come away from our time together feeling energized and empowered?

Finding Your Inner Circle

What qualities will you require for people in your inner circle? Is your list similar to mine? Think about it and start building your inner circle now. Your leadership personal influence, and success will grow because of it!

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