What Does it Take to be a Leader?


Did you know that you can lead from wherever you are? If you are a titled leader or a personal leader, you have the power to influence those around you.

If you are working on improving your leadership capabilities, here are 17 qualities that leaders need to have:

  1. Think "we" instead of "me." Your greatest joy and passion comes from creating team-based wins. 
  2. Have great self-awareness and understand that moods, attitudes, and emotions are contagious. 
  3. Understand that being a leader is a service job, the role of a servant - service to team, family, social causes, friendships, and clients. 
  4. Keep it about others, not you. 
  5. Grow others and focus on personal development. Make it possible for others to use their abilities and shine. 
  6. Don't just focus on being busy... get clear about true business accomplishments - think big!
  7. Build an inner-circle of like-minded, optimistic solution finders. 
  8. Take responsibility for your own weaknesses and work to improve them. 
  9. Keep whatever team you lead moving.
  10. Never underestimate the power of each day to make a huge impact. 
  11. Renew your daily mission to influence others, not impress them. 
  12. Spark the ambitions of others by how you live with purpose and excellence. 
  13. Make choices, minute by minute that make you better in your professional and personal life. 
  14. Treat people as equals not subordinates. 
  15. Have dynamic "thinking time" each week that turns challenges into opportunities.
  16. Commit to body, soul, and spirit, not just business. 
  17. Live in gratitude, compassion, and kindness to others. 

Being the smartest, fastest and best at something does not make you a leader. People choose who they follow. They select men and women they respect and admire. 

Leaders who encourage the ambitions of others, who lead by example and do the small things translates into big wins. 

Regardless of your title or position, focus on being the best leader you can be. It will inspire others and generate new success!

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