Unleash Your Unique Purpose

I recently sat in an Irish Pub off of Pier 70 on the waterfront in Seattle. I was meeting with a treasured client for a coaching session and lunch. It was a brilliant sunny day. I knew Jay, who is a magnificent leader, had experienced a life altering cancer episode years prior. I asked if he would relay his story to me.

When he was diagnosed with a massive cancerous tumor inside his chest, the doctor told him it was so aggressive treatment wasn't even a viable option. "You have 90 days or so to live Jay."

Jay was determined to make it through Christmas, his daughters graduation, and his anniversary. He insisted on chemo. In those days he also discovered a deep and abiding purpose. 

As we sat eating our Reuben sandwiches in that waterfront pub, tears streamed down his face. "I learned my greatest purpose was to live while dying." He told me that he still feels that greater purpose as strong today as in those struggling days of cancer treatment, "Each day is a gift Steve."

Good news, Jay is now healthy. He beat the odds. He's years removed from those frightful days. I can say with bold assurance I've met few men or women are so strongly connected to their mission, living their purpose daily. He knows his purpose and his influence is quite remarkable. He lives his values and his vitality shines daily. His family, his clients, and his large business team speak highly of Jay's unique purpose.

What really matters to you?

If you are having a difficult time finding your purpose or setting direction for your leadership, ask yourself…

  1. What is the center of my life?
  2. What is the character of my life?
  3. What is the contribution of my life?

-What makes me sing? Your answer reveals what brings you joy. 

-What makes me cry? Your answer reveals what touches your heart.

-What makes me dream? Your answer reveals what sparks your imagination. 

-What makes me excel? Your answer reveals your strengths. 

-What makes me different? Your answer reveals your uniqueness. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. asserted, "If a man hasn't discovered something he will die for, he isn't fit to live." Take some time to ask and answer some deep, heart searching questions. 

As I write these words, I'm still discovering portions of my purpose. It fuels me daily. My dreams are becoming clearer to me. I hope in the coming years I will continue to have a sense of anticipation and joy as I seek to fulfill my purpose. 

Thank you Jay for inspiring greatness in me!

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