Seven Success Principles of Self-Leadership - #5 Thinking Time

Happy New Year! This next principle falls in line with my theme for 2016 "The Year of Delegation and Empowerment". I encourage you to work smarter this year and elevate your success with the power of delegation and empowerment!

Self-Leadership Success Principle #5: Thinking Time

I've learned a valuable lesson. My mind gives back to me exactly what I put into it. The greatest enemy to my best thoughts is to dilute it with information overload. 

One of the ways I prevent that overload is to read one book at a time for 30 minutes/day. In this way, I am intentionally feeding my mind high-value content, but am not overwhelmed by many different topics vying for my attention controlling the input. As you could imagine though, I have a long list of books to read!

In addition to reading and creating my own content for workshops, keynotes, and social media, I like to give myself ample space to reflect. This time is essential for me to assess where I am with my company and where I'd like it to go.  

The best leaders reserve time for quality thinking.  - Tweet This!

The following are a series of questions I like to ask myself during my thinking time each week: 

  • What is working well?
  • What is not working well?
  • What is the best use of my time this week? 
  • What can I delegate, outsource or eliminate? 
  • What am I putting off that I need to work on?
  • Who do I need to invest in that will help multiply my impact and influence?
  • Who do I need to stay in touch with today?

Remember, a few minutes of quality "thinking time" is often more valuable than an hour of surface level conversation or unplanned work. 

Coaching Question: When you make thinking time for yourself this week, what questions will you ask yourself?

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