Seven Success Principles of Self-Leadership - #1 20/20/20


To close such an incredible year I am going to be sharing my most popular series of 2015, the seven success principles of self-leadership, over the next several weeks. It has been such a pleasure to receive messages from readers every Tuesday sharing the impact one of my posts has had on their day, week or life. 

It's been a pleasure delivering such powerful leadership content with you and I plan to continue doing so as we enter 2016!

If you want to gain trust and credibility from others, begin by focusing on the following principles...

Principle #1: 20/20/20

Some of my favorite conversations start when someone askes me... "How do I become a leader?" OR "I don't have anyone to lead yet, how can I start?" My response is: "You are a leader! Start by leading yourself." 

You have to get to a place where you would actually follow yourself before you ask anyone else to follow you. I've been around dozens of positioned leaders who aren't very effective because they have not mastered the art of self-leadership. 

The key to leading yourself well is to learn self-leadership. 

One of the biggest mistakes I see in personal leaders today is that they rush in to their day. Immediately their mind starts running. They jump into email, they slug down coffee, and ramp up their pace. 

I like to encourage leaders to start their day a little earlier and to start slow

Create a nice pace that sets the tone. You might not have a complete ritual hour, but even 20-30 minutes of soft music and clear focus to begin your day can have a big impact. My whole leadership effectiveness changed when I began to devote the first hour of my day to my 20/20/20. 

  • 20 minutes of spiritual solitude

  • 20 minutes of determining my "vital 3" for the day

  • 20 minutes of reading personal development books 

I now recognize time as a gift and have tried to value my first hour the most. It starts a chain reaction of focus and prioritization. 

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