Six Unstoppable Traits of Confident Leaders

Self-doubt is common, especially in women, and for many it limits their potential and personal influence. Men too suffer from self-doubt and insecurity. A survey of British managers done by the Institute of Leadership and Management found that 50% of female and 31% of male respondents don't feel confident about their job performance and careers. 

What is confidence anyway? Confidence is life's fuel and enabler. It's that inner quality that turns thoughts into action. 

Here are Six Unstoppable Traits of Confident Leaders:

  1. They dress for success - looking your best matters. I've never met a sloppy confident person. Your dress should match your message. Remember: first impressions matter, and the first person you convinces yourself.
  2. They are mindful of posture and body language - Sitting up straight gives you a short-term confidence boost. Nodding while you listen sends a subconscious signal that makes others comfortable with you. 
  3. Think like a leader not a victim – The language of leadership is the most critical trait to personal confidence. Cut out the blame game and victim speak. Lead with your language.
  4. They pour in inspiration and positivity – Read to lead. Turn your car commute into L.C.U. Leadership Confidence University. You will arrive at your destination full of inspiration
  5. They act before they feel – I love Oprah's quote in relation to working out - "Take choice out of it." To turn into a confident personal leader, act your way into feeling. You'll attract greater results and personal success.
  6. They invest in themselves – They attend personal development trainings. They expose themselves to the top 10% of performers. They develop their craft and never stop learning from the best.

"You will never be able to bet on yourself unless you believe in yourself." - S.G.

"The bookends of success are personal confidence and aggressive action." - S.G.

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