Growing and Developing Powerful Leaders

One of the top questions I'm asked by managers and executives is, "why grow leaders?" And, "does everyone have the potential to be an effective leader?"

I do believe everyone has the potential to lead on some level, and anyone can become better at leading. While it's true that some people are born with traits that helps them become better leaders than others, everyone can grow their personal influence.

Why do we grow leaders? Because leaders help us grow by multiplication not addition.

Leaders compound the success in organizations. A couple of years ago I was privileged to hire a wonderful assistant. Brittany came in and immediately partnered with me in our leadership company and business goals. As I observed her positive influence on our clients, and her ability to complete daily and strategic tasks with excellence, I naturally wanted to provide more opportunities. She has developed her own coaching practice, and I recently promoted her to an Associate within my company. Positive results and growth have followed. 

The goal of every leader should be to create more leaders. As you multiply your leadership base, you will multiply your business goals and growth.

Three main components come in to play in the development of a leader: 

1. Provide the right environment - "Leadership is developed not discovered." What does a leadership growth environment look like? 

  • You're challenged
  • You're given opportunities
  • You hear words of affirmation and belief
  • You're focused forward
  • You're around growing leaders
  • You see failure as a friend, coach and mentor

2. Provide the right exposure - I've observed the companies and organizations who open opportunities to leadership development inspire greatness in their team. Daily work can be draining and even the best of leaders need a renewed vision for personal excellence and mastery. Exposing your team to leaders will lift their sights toward "what's possible." 

Where do I go for leadership inspiration? Who do you admire as a leader? Plan to hear someone you admire speak. Schedule a leadership training to get inspired!

3. Help equip -

  • You can learn more effective communication skills.
  1. You can learn and teach your team the power of healthy conflict so the best ideas win.
  • You can learn time mastery and productivity strategies.
  • You can learn sales skills to double your business.
  • You can learn to prioritize and get out of the jungle of low value activities.

What's your plan for leadership growth? If you develop a plan, the odds are you'll grow leaders and grow your business. 

Set some new goals to grow in the coming year. Break those goals into a quarterly strategy to lead and grow leaders, you'll be amazed at the new energy and results. 

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The purpose of Leadership Quest is to help professionals develop their personal leadership, vision and emotional intelligence. Everyday I strive to help leaders and teams achieve their desired goals in sales productivity, leadership, time maximization, and life-balance.