Eight Benefits of Investing in Personal Development

In 1995, I invested in a personal/leadership development conference in Southern California. At that time, it was a significant financial investment. I had a young and growing family. Funds were tight. That investment however would change the direction of my life and transform my personal leadership for years to come. 

It was at that conference that the speaker challenged us to "become life-long learners." He asked us to make a pledge to "read one book a month" around personal development topics. To seal the pledge, we all signed a business size card with the date. That card was then laminated and sent to each of us in the mail. 

Unfortunately, I've lost that little card. Fortunately, I've kept my commitment. I started reading in 1995 and the momentum has continued to carry me to new heights of influence, impact, and inspiration. 

I'd like to share eight benefits of investing in personal development: 

  1. Knowledge is power - and with each grain of new understanding, your perspective and personal vision will increase. 
  2. Your awareness will enlighten - with great awareness you will make more powerful choices leading to greater results. 
  3. You'll gain inspired ideas - ideas for greater productivity and new ways to lead and live with sharpened effectiveness. 
  4. The exposure to excellence will inspire you - you'll be more focused on your potential than regrets of your past. 
  5. Your leadership influence will grow - you'll lift others around you by what you model. 
  6. You'll adapt to change - people who are growing personally are already changing and respond more positively to external changes. 
  7. Your personal confidence will grow - your self-esteem, and your self-concept will emerge with greater strength and purpose!
  8. You'll attract winners and successful people - we all are drawn to personal leaders who are growing and transforming. 

Make this the year of personal development. If you manage or lead teams... invest in them! Personal development is like sowing in farming ~ you reap rewards in a new season. 

"To go to a higher level on the outside... grow to a higher level on the inside." 

-Steve Gutzler

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