Seven Success Principles of Self-Leadership - #3 Emotional Self-Management

Emotional Self-Management is the third success principle in the Self-Leadership series.

Emotional self-management is critical to a leader's success. This is the make or break factor. As you may have heard me say before, research shows that 83% of the time we are able to effectively manage our relationships with people and the tasks that need to get done.

However, in those 17% moments when interactions become more challenging and our work more difficult, we find the hard truth: whether or not we are able to continue to operate at our full potential.

This is the heart of Emotional Intelligence. This is where our reputation is built. 

No one likes working with an emotional time bomb or a moody person. One of the most critical keys to success in emotional self-management is staying calm and in control. These are high-performance strategies. 

Your moods, attitudes, and emotions are contagious. They spread like a virus. Be sure people are catching the right emotional signals you put off. If you feel you are being negative or destructive, regroup, pause, breathe, and reset. 

Good leaders know when to display emotions and when to delay emotions. - Tweet This

Self-lead your emotions and you'll see far greater response to those you work with and you'll witness greater success with client engagement. 

Here's to becoming better leaders!

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