Seven Success Principles of Self-Leadership - #2 Green Light Hour

Continuing last week's discussion on the Seven Principles of Self-Leadership, I am sharing the second principle in this post. This principle is incredibly simple yet powerful. I've seen it make a huge impact in the lives of my coaching clients: Green Light Hour.

I'm convinced that most people underutilize the second most valuable hour of their day, or their first working hour. A Green Light Hour represents our "MVP," most valuable and profitable use of time. 

Rather than waste your first hour on low priority email or distracting activities, focus on any activity that really moves your business needle - green means "go" and "grow."

Here are some examples of activities that could be in your Green Light Hour:

  • Planning your week
  • Identifying your MVP clients
  • Referral follow up
  • Cultivating new clients 
  • Adding extraordinary value to current clients 
  • High value emails
  • Driving a high value project
  • Investing in your team 
  • Investing in a leader
  • Make a 5-day priority list
  • Create a "not to-do" list

Make a list of the priorities in your Green Light Hour. Feel free to borrow from the above list. Get ruthless in your first hour and know, your activities must be "green light" for you to achieve the success you desire. 

See the first of the seven self-leadership principles here.

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