Ten Keys Successful Super-Achievers Possess


When you get organized you possess special power. You walk with a sense of confidence and purpose. Your priorities are clear not foggy. You can look at complex issues and bring clarity. You move smoothly from one project to the next. Throughout your day, you gain momentum and stamina rather than discouragement and fatigue. People trust you because you follow through. You are prepared for meetings and can't even adapt quickly to new situations, facts, or ideas.

You are a leader, a winner, a super-achiever!

Here are 10 keys successful super-achievers possess:

  1. Set clear priorities daily – Priorities must be "great work." Great work is growth work not maintenance work; profit building, business building, and value creation.
  2. Place priorities in your weekly calendar – One of my clients has color-coded his activities. Green = growth: client engagement, referral follow up, and MVPs (most valuable and profitable opportunities). Yellow = administrative: supporting green activities. Red = trivial: these items are delegated, outsourced, or eliminated.
  3. Allow time and space for the unexpected – Not everything can be scripted and often new priorities can come into focus as the day unfolds… Don't be rigid and miss opportunities.
  4. Get focused on one thing at a time – I've practiced the power of "time blocking" for the last few years. A good General fights only one front at a time. That's true of good leaders too. 
  5. Find a workspace to do your best work – Don't get stuck in a rut. I have found my best workspace is actually our kitchen island. Sitting at my desk distracts me. I also go to the café at Barnes & Noble for project work.
  6. Work according to your work rhythms – I'm a morning person and do my best work from 5:00 to 7:30 AM. I also try not to schedule early appointments to ensure I can focus on my MVPs. Then, I schedule appointments and email follow-up in the late morning and afternoon.
  7. Use drive time for audiobooks and key follow-up calls – My production has increased 25% in the last 24 months by simply leveraging driving time wisely.
  8. Develop and invest in a good systems – In 2016, I am committing to a "bottom to top audit" on all of my systems. With the help of my team I'm going to ensure our systems are state of the art for time maximization!
  9. Be intentional about creating space in your calendar – Because I speak a lot and travel often, rest and recovery are essential. Also, thinking time must be scheduled intentionally. I've challenged all my coaching clients to find "three extra hours" per week just for them. Let's work smarter in 2016, not harder!
  10. Focus on results not the activity – Remember Peter Drucker's definition of efficiency (doing what's right) versus effectiveness (doing the right things).

As you work on your personal leadership and personal organization, be sure to keep your focus on doing the right things, that is, doing what is truly important.

Here's to your professional success and achievement!


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