Master Sales to Double Your Income in 12 Months

Three years ago I had a close friend and business coach challenge me to take a "time audit" around my weekly calendar. At that time I was still using a traditional calendar and would write in my tasks, appointments, coaching engagements, and leadership trainings.

My business had been consistent, but not in growth mode, and in some cases had become stagnant. I had become skilled at justifying the reasons… The economy had contracted, companies were running lean, etc. 

The fact was, like most executives, I was spending about 30% of my work week reading, writing, or responding to emails. Only 10% of my work week was generating new business or cultivating current clients which created referrals. My friend gently challenged me, "Steve, if you can double your sales productivity from 10 to 20% you can double your income in one year!"

A new report from the McKinsey global Institute estimates that the average executive and sales professional spend 650 hours a year in email. They estimate the average work week breakdown as follows:

  • 28% - Email
  • 19% - Searching for and gathering information
  • 14% - Communicating & collaborating
  • 39% - Role specific tasks

Here was the big ah-ha moment for me - what if I spent 25 - 30% of my day on referral follow up, lead generation, cultivating new leads, and adding extraordinary value to my current clients? What if I spent 10% or less of my time on email?

It took me 14 months, but that shift in my investment in time has helped me double my income. I would love for that to be the case for you too. 

Coaching moment - How much time are you spending on tasks other than driving your business forward? Can you commit to cutting the amount of time you spend in email in half and seeing the effects it can have on your income? Give it a try for one month and I think you'll already begin to see results.

*Special thanks to my Associate, Brittany, and my wife and business partner, Julie Gutzler, who have full access to my email and keep me on task providing high value content for my clients!

Here's to a prosperous 2016!


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