How to Unleash Your Leadership Potential


When my son Kyle was in middle school, there were a few precious months where I would drive him to school in the morning. He was usually sleepy and there wasn't a lot of conversation. I always made sure to remind him of his "Big 3" as he climbed out of the car:

  1. Be a leader!
  2. Never give up!
  3. Love one unlovable person!

One of our core messages to our kids has always been leadership. Kyle is now a young sales professional… He's leading the way in sales productivity and personal leadership at his organization.

It all started with a mindset, an attitude, a belief. A belief that you set the example and are a primary influencer. It's been said hundreds of times, you don't need a title to be a leader.

I encourage everyone to lead where they are today. You don't need a position. You don't need a formal education. All you need to begin is a desire to lead and a willingness to learn. 

Here are five ways to unleash your leadership potential:

  1. Make others around you better – Norman Vincent Peale said, "to be successful is to be helpful, caring, and constructive, to make everyone you touch a little bit better. The best thing you have to give is yourself." Help one person today to remove self-imposed limitations and encourage them to reach their potential.
  2. Listen to their story – I've found I really can't unleash my true leadership potential without hearing someone's story. Amazing results happen when you hear their hurts, hopes, and aspirations it opens you and them up to adding value and gaining trust to influence their personal potential.
  3. Turn their agenda into your priority – too many leaders impose their goals on others. Great leaders focus on the needs and wants of others. There is great power when the vision of the organization and the dreams of its people come into alignment, everybody flourishes and wins!
  4. Believe in their potential – one of the greatest gifts I can provide for people is a personal belief in them. When people believe in themselves, they feel better and perform better. Here's how you do it: Express it. Put a 10 on peoples head, meaning you see them as a winner. Show enthusiasm about their progress.
  5. Help them see a greater vision – talk to them about ways they can accomplish their vision. Then help them formulate an action plan with "three next steps."

Just last week I sat at Starbucks with my branding expert, Gary Thompson, and my associate, Brittany Blondino. For 90 minutes we discussed my businesses vision for the next year. Talk about a heart pumping renewal of personal and professional vision!

We filled an entire notepad with excellent ideas. I needed it! Then we selected our top three. Now I need to take that gift of vision and help spark it in someone else.

Here's to unleashing your leadership potential!


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