10 Ways to Make Your Personal Leadership Bulletproof

On a summer day in 1606, in a grove of towering sequoias, in a place that would come to be known as California, a tiny seedling poked up through the soil. Spanning centuries the seedling became a towering titan of the forest, soaring over 400 feet. And then, just a few years ago the tree fell to the earth with a thundering crash. It was the first of Yosemite’s magnificent sequoias to fall.

What caused it to fall?

·      No windstorm

·      No fires or floods

·      No lightening

·      No evidence of animal or insect damage 

The startling conclusion:

·      Foot traffic

Ranger Deb Schweizer explained that foot traffic around the base of the tree over the years damaged the root system. They now have instituted a policy of fencing, “to keep the public from trampling the root system of these giant trees.”

What is true about sequoias is also true about you and me. We have delicate root systems, more fragile than we would ever imagine, and unless we find ways to protect and nourish those roots, we too will fall.

I’d like to offer 10 ways to bulletproof your personal leadership and create healthy sacred enclosures to protect your physical, emotional, and moral life (these are not ranked in any particular order):

1.     Put your family first – give them your best, not your leftovers

2.     Seek out a mentor and coach – allow them to be your loving critic

3.     Make health and fitness a priority – take nutrition and fitness to another level

4.     Build a business support team – administration, sales, and management

5.     Build an inner-circle – people who are summiting and inspiring you

6.     Take rest seriously – sleep well and take rest & recovery days

7.     Plan regular vacations and mini breaks – plan them in your calendar

8.     Get a spiritual advisor – receive spiritual mentorship

9.     Unplug often and practice a Sabbath day of rest –one day can recharge you

10. Find a sacred enclosure – your own personal retreat or getaway location

Make a decision today to build a sacred enclosure. Select only the best people, choose healthy pacing, and take care of your roots. It takes confidence and asserting yourself to create boundaries and healthy habits. Grant to yourself permission to recalibrate your leadership in order to build sustainable success.

Here’s to your sacred enclosures!

~Steve Gutzler

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