How To Rebuild After a Slump

Right before I got married, a very wise man shared with me... The Five Stages of Marriage:

  • Romance 
  • Reality
  • Resentment
  • Rebellion 
  • Rebuilding

He reminded me that I'd have to fight for the Rebuilding stage. What's true for marriage has also been true for my personal health, leadership business, sales profitability, and my overall success. 

What do you do when you hit a slump? How do you rebuild?

  1. Admit It - Take time out to define your personal reality. Self-denial leads to self-destruction. Take time to rethink and refocus on what matters most. I've found, next to rethinking my situation, talking to people who support me the best - my inner circle, mentors, friends, and family help me shift my perspective to what's most important. 
  2. Remember Past Accomplishments - Selecting notable victories make me feel better. It's not about living in the past. It's about granting yourself permission to replay vividly some great achievements. I have kept a success log for years, a scrapbook of my most positive memories. Understanding you have talents to share with this world going forward is a must. You've proved it before… You can do it again!
  3. Become Brilliant in the Basics - My father had a saying "know what's your business and what's none of your business." When I'm in a slump, I get back to the basics. For me, relationships have always lead to my best results. For example, networking, connecting with those I care about, reaching out to decision-makers, setting up coffee appointment with the goal of advancing the conversation toward desired outcomes. One of the main reasons for a decrease in results is that we slow down or stop practicing the fundamentals. 

Big Question: Are you doing the easy things instead of activities that guarantee results?

When famous adventurer and explorer, John Goddard, was questioned about overcoming roadblocks, he replied: "When I get stuck, I refocus myself by focusing on one goal I can finish in the next seven days – something simple. I don't think about anything else – that usually starts my momentum again."

When you think you CAN'T, revisit a former TRIUMPH. Everyone hits slumps, let's commit this week to REBUILDING!

Here's to partnering in your success! 


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