The Art of Innovation: Innovate or Evaporate

"Steve Gutzler's presentation of Innovate or Evaporate: The Five Keys to Unlock the Future was one of the most compelling hour an a half lectures I have listened to. He kept the audience interested and engaged by outlining the five keys through personal triumphs and failures and failures that became triumphs. The notion of ‘Let's problem solve with a purpose’ seems rudimentary; however, it's one of those tasks where the purpose and execution needs invigoration -- which was indeed accomplished during Steve's presentation."

- Nicole L. from the Federal Court Clerks Association

I recently gave a keynote presentation on The Art of Innovation, and received such great feedback I wanted to share the description with you! 

Keynote Description: 

What happens when complacency, outdated thinking, or weariness stunts team performance? What do you do when growth stalls or when you’re team is working below it’s true capacity?

The answer: Innovate or Evaporate

Steve Gutzler, president of leadership quest, has worked with many of America's best companies. That's because he has the ability to help them ask… “Why not?”

In this compelling and dynamic keynote presentation Steve takes you through an inspiring journey to discover five game changing keys to unlocking the art of innovation and your new future! Here's a sneak preview of the five keys, which are accompanied by compelling illustrations throughout the presentation:

  1. If you want to innovate, be flexible about making changes
  2. Create space for creativity
  3. Respectfully break things
  4. Celebrate smart failures
  5. Make variety a habit

Steve helps raise the bar of what's possible and create a new mantra… “There has to be more.” This presentation will instantly shift thinking and supercharge performance.

Steve's examples cover:

·      How to break out of the doldrums and get a second wind via innovation

·      How to problem solve with the purpose

·      Why creating a new “code of honor,” building a diverse network, and letting go of ego is critical

·      Why top performers must go beyond simply activating goals or “making their numbers”

If you’re having a meeting of top performers, organizational leaders, or anyone who needs a boost to supercharge their outlook, performance, and create new innovations for future growth, talk to Steve about how he can help.

For information on keynote presentations, team workshops, and one on one coaching, contact Steve at: or call: (425) 681-9871