Emotional Intelligence: The Real Key for Doubling Effectiveness

You gotta love these claims to double your sales in 24 months, to lose 30 pounds in 90 days, or to break incredible sales quotas in record time. The list goes on: rock hard abs, sizzling romance, remarkable results in a matter of days (not even months or weeks- days!)

Well, let me weigh in: I don’t know much about rock hard abs, but I do believe your professional and personal effectiveness can double by understanding and applying one game-changing key:

Building world-class personal beliefs.

As a thought leader in the field of Emotional Intelligence, I understand how powerful emotions are in driving our behavior and dictating our overall performance. On the simplest level: feeling good equals good results. Feeling poor equals poor results. So many of us allow our emotions to dictate a day’s performance and results. We kind of feel our way into the day. Some are good, most are not so good.

Big Suggestions and Personal Challenge:

Take time to build your personal beliefs. Document some new fresh values I like to call “My personal code of Honor.” Your code can include things like:

  1. I strive to eat clean today

  2. I exercise daily to stay fit and emotionally at my best

  3. I practice solitude around my faith

  4. I speak positive messages to myself and to others

  5. I do excellent work and am a disciplined executive

  6. I build up my family with optimism

  7. I write and document my goals around amazing desired outcomes in my life

As you practice and review your personal beliefs daily, it will send powerful new messages into the emotional drivers of your life and begin to build your emotional intelligence. Your personal beliefs will override sluggish emotions and will super-charge your day. And, just thinking about what is in your Code of Honor will start to have a positive effect on your days even before you take deliberate action to fulfill your code.


You will become what you focus on. And if you do not determine your focus, the ebb and flow of your emotions will dictate your daily results.

Take some time to write out a few fresh beliefs and start creating your personal code of honor. Read and review early in the morning. Speak and act positive and you will see a true doubling effectiveness begin to reveal itself in your life. It’s sure-fire. It works. I see it operating daily in my life and in several of my clients’ lives. This is something you can do today and it will lead you in a new dynamic direction.

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