Emotions Drive Our Behavior

I've recently given a couple of keynote presentations on The Power of Leading with Emotional Intelligence. Toward the end of the presentation I usually direct the audience's attention to the response cards I leave on their tables. Lately, an overwhelming majority indicates an interest in my ebook Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership. 

Therefore, I would like to share the intro to my book and encourage you to sign up for your own complimentary copy on my website, www.stevegutzler.com. The book is designed to walk you through a six week process of improving your emotional intelligence, with each week focusing on different competencies. I look forward to partnering with you and helping you develop your personal leadership!

“Steve, you have six weeks to turn Debbie around.”

The grim faced senior leader in one of Microsoft’s most prestigious divisions had just commissioned me to coach a key member of their team, Debbie (name changed).

The Commission: A crash course on Emotional Intelligence.

In this real-life example, I had the privilege of coaching a young woman with a huge amount of potential in her emerging career. Debbie had been identified as an emerging leader, a rising star, with exceptional intelligence and a rare ability to present and communicate strategy. Just in her early 30’s she was on a fast-track to becoming a real player and to providing leadership in the new roll out of business.

Unfortunately, on her way up to greater influence she began to sabotage her success. What was her flaw? During times of pressure, she tended to jump to judgment and cast blame. Often, when her opinions were not embraced, her language (especially body language) communicated a lack of respect with almost a sulky attitude. It was impeding her true influence as a promising leader. 

This flaw was an indication of blind spots in her Emotional Intelligence skill set. It was this lack of development that was holding her back from greater influence, impact, and inspiration of her team.

What follows is the story of six weeks of intense Emotional Intelligence coaching to ensure a promising future of one leader.

This is a turnaround story.

Learn the power of Emotional Intelligence for your personal leadership. Unlock higher levels of self-awareness and emotional self-management. Your relational leadership and influence will increase and you will discover high performance. 

Hopefully, Debbie’s example can guide you in your leadership and Emotional Intelligence journey. 

Thank you again, Debbie. Enjoy the read!

To continue reading, download your complimentary copy on my website www.stevegutzler.com

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