Mastering Emotions and Establishing Meaningful Communication

Continuing on with last week's theme... I am going to share another response to Dan Schawbel's insightful questions, which will soon be featured in his highly read Intuit blog. The focus of this question is on mastering your emotions...

Dan : How can you master your own emotions and establish meaningful communication?

Steve : I don’t know if we can ever master our emotions, but we can learn to manage them more effectively.

First, we need to honor our emotions and realize that we are emotional beings. Those emotions go up and down. If I don’t learn how to emotionally manage myself, I might end up sabotaging my own success and personal relationships.

Healthy emotional self-management can lead to meaningful communication and connections with others.

Start with understanding emotions drive our behaviors. Take ultra-care of your physical life, it is powerfully linked to emotional balance.

Finally, try not to push into conversations when you are emotionally depleted. Rest, recover, and re-engage to replenish your emotional bank account. You’ll improve communication two-fold by simply being emotionally healthy and practicing better self-care. 

For your personal reflection:

  • What emotional self management tidbit will you take away and integrate into your life this week?
  • How will that change allow you to further establish meaningful communication with others?

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