The Best Ways to Obtain Leadership Skills

I was recently asked to be featured as a guest for the Intuit blog, which receives over two hundred thousand views a month. What an honor!

I graciously accepted and was quite impressed by the questions contributing author Dan Schawbel posed. I'd like to share a portion of the interview with you... 

What are the best ways to obtain leadership skills?

"I have often said leadership is like a multifaceted diamond. In other words, it is not a one-cut diamond. It has character, vision, influence, execution, and inspiration to start with. Those are a lot of skills to obtain. I’ve found that leaders breed leaders. If you can sit under or partner with a great leader, you can speed up your leadership development. 

Also, lead where you are. The best way to learn a skill is by doing…practicing. My father got me involved in our family business at a young age. He taught me to be a leader by being a great example to our employees.

I am also a big believer in turning your car into 'Leadership University.' I rarely travel in my car without listening to leadership development audiobooks. I learn how obtain and develop my leadership skills from the best of the best!"

My questions for you:

  • Who are the leaders you choose to learn from? 
  • How do you lead from where you are?
  • What new leadership resource could you obtain this week to create your own "Leadership University?"

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