Is Your Leader Coachable?

The most successful coaching clients love to learn; they are coachable. They are wide open to many ideas and new concepts.

One of my coaching clients has an opportunity to travel to the UK to study the management/leadership practices of a world-class car manufacturer. They are turning the industry upside down with some new break-through, and innovative leadership practices.

He can’t wait to learn and observe.

Other characteristics of a successful leader who is open to coaching include some of these:

Good Communicators

  • High Emotional Intelligence

  • Read others well

  • Listen well

  • Willing to ask questions


  • Know their strengths

  • Recognize weaknesses

  • Ask for help, support or encouragement

  • Able to describe their preferred learning style


  • Challenges fire them up

  • Sets goals and achieves them

  • Motivated to try new ideas

  • Identify innovative solutions and don’t give up

Appreciates Feedback

  • Willing to discuss their blind spots

  • Values recommendations

  • Solicits regular feedback

  • Open to discuss problems


  • Embraces change

  • Desires candor and truth-telling

  • Takes calculated risks, and challenges self

  • Open to young talent of both genders

The best leaders are coachable. They show up on time and open themselves to loving critics. These are the leaders who gain trust and followers willing to give heart and soul.

Give honest assessment to your personal leadership - how coachable are you as a leader?

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