Four Tactics for Emotional Self-Management

According to a two year study of companies we've trained in Emotional Intelligence... internal research shows that 83% of the time we are able to effectively manage our relationships with people and the tasks that need to get done. However, in those 17% moments when interactions become challenging and our work more difficult, we find the hard truth - whether or not we are able to continue to operate at our full potential. This is at the heart of Emotional Intelligence. This is where our reputation is built. This is where our leadership can shine or fade out. 

Here are four ways to better your emotional self-management and perform brilliantly during those emotional 17% moments: SOSS

1. Stop - Rather than react in that emotional moment, stop. Rather than retaliate with that flame mail (email) give yourself time and space. Learn how to disengage so you can reengage more powerfully. 

2. Oxygenate - Learning to breathe fully during emotionally charged moments actually provides oxygen to the brain and blood. It will help you lower the stress hormone cortisol thus keep you operating highly effective during the 17% moments. 

3. Strengthen Appreciation - If emotions can get us in trouble... emotions can keep us out of trouble. I hear a lot of raw-raw talk about practicing appreciation. But the truth is appreciation builds your emotional bank account. Appreciation, gratitude, and counting your blessings rather than troubles provides personal leaders with perspective. I keep a victory log in my journal. It's become an appreciation journal which seems to help me self-manage my emotional ebbs and flows. It keeps my perspective clear. 

4. Seek solutions - Notice that the solution piece comes once you've self-managed your emotions. The best leaders learn the power of emotional self-management by honoring their feelings. They don't jump to judgement or react in the heat of the moment. By giving a little time, space, and focus on breathing, they effectively manage and lead well during the 17% moments. 

As you practice these four tactics, your reputation and leadership influence will grow and flourish!

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