How Leaders Make Others Feel at the Very Heart of Things

When the vision gets bigger than you, you really only have two choices: give up on the vision or get help.

I love how cartoonist Charles Schulz could capture the longings of the human heart in his comic strip Peanuts. Growing up, it was really the only comic strip I would anticipate and read from the Sunday morning paper. 

I recall one where Lucy asks Charlie Brown to help with her homework. "I'll be eternally grateful," she promises. 

"Fair enough. I've never had anyone be eternally grateful before," replies Charlie. "Just subtract 4 from 10 to get how many apples the farmer has left."

Lucy says, "That's it? That's it? I have to be eternally grateful for that?! I can't be eternally grateful for this - it was too easy!"

With a blank look of discouragement, Charlie replies, "well, what ever you think it fair."

"How about if I just say 'thanks bro'?" replies Lucy.

As Charlie leaves to go outside, he meets Linus, who asks, "where have you been, Charlie Brown?" 

"Helping Lucy with her homework."

"Did she appreciate it?" Linus asks. 

Charlie responds, "at a greatly reduced price." 

Ever feel like that? You're not alone.

Every human being longs to be appreciated. We long to feel connected. We long to know we matter and what we offer others is of value. 

Recently, I have been inviting others to help me. My vision is quite Big and sometimes I get overwhelmed by the demands on my time. 

I'm slowly delegating more. I'm slowly handing off more. I'm slowly building a team with extraordinary gifts that complement mine. My #1 job is now making people feel that they are at the very heartbeat of difference making. 

This week remember: It's not a sign of weakness to let others know you value them. It's a sign of strength!

Here's to appreciating the partners in our life!

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