Seven Ways Leaders Encourage Unstoppable Innovation


An innovative environment becomes like a greenhouse where ideas get seeded, sprout up, and flourish. Here are seven ways leaders encourage unstoppable innovation and become industry leaders:

Leaders encourage innovation
Studies of innovative companies and organizations suggest that the biggest single variable of whether or not team members will innovate is whether they perceive they have permission.

Leaders place a high value on trust among team members – Innovation comes from trust. Trusting your instincts. Trusting that smart failures lead to smart innovations in time!

Leaders celebrate the offbeat
Innovation, by its very nature, often explores off the beaten path and goes against the grain. Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple foster creativity in personal leaders and even tolerate a little oddness. Celebrate offbeat ideas ~ it may be your next BIG IDEA!

Leaders challenge the status quo
By using innovative ideas and creative thinking ~ Priscilla Presley turned the estate of Elvis Presley into a business empire that earns tens of millions of dollars each year. The Key: She shattered the status quo and believed a tourist attraction called Graceland would flourish… and flourish it did!

Leaders know innovation is contagious
Innovation is contagious and ideas rise as brainstorming is a part of a culture. Teaming up spring boards new discoveries.

Leaders appreciate the power of dreamation
A creative environment promotes the freedom to dream. Innovation cultures use a blank sheet of paper and ask the question; “If we could draw a picture of what we want to accomplish, what would it look like?”

Leaders allow breaking of rules
Katharine Hepburn remarked, “If you obey all the rules… you will miss all the fun.” Innovative thinkers think outside the box. They travel, explore new cultures, traditions, and playful places.

Be a leader of innovation – stretch – explore – and above all have fun! I’d love to hear your innovative ideas!

-Steve Gutzler

For information on keynote presentations, team workshops, and one on one coaching, contact Steve at: or call (425) 681.9871.


For information on keynote presentations, team workshops, and one on one coaching, contact Steve at: or call:
(425) 681-9871.