Don't Be A Pinball Machine in 2015

Our family has a small beach cabin on the Oregon coast. Seaside is a typical tourist town with knick-knack shops, cafés, and my personal favorite… The arcade. As you enter, it's like a miniature Las Vegas with flashing lights and "bing, bing, bing" sounds. Dozens of options… video games, miniature bowling, the hoop shoot, and THE PINBALL MACHINE.

I love the pinball machine because it's old-school. Pop in your coin and out shoots the silver ball. Of course the key is to keep the ball going in dozens of directions… Bouncing off bumpers and swatting it with the paddles, keep it alive and rack up as many points as possible.

As you look back at 2014 – do you feel a little like a pinball, being swatted and bounced around in dozens of directions?

I know in my life and leadership there have been seasons I've been pin balled all over the place. As a result my performance goes down. I'd like to suggest a few "best practices" to take better control of 2015. This way you can experience greater peace, much higher productivity, and less "pin balling."

  1. Take time to ask... "what matters most to me in my life and leadership?" Then start building your life plan around that answer.
  2. Don't overload your schedule with activities. Focus on accomplishments linked to your most important goals. Drop the rest!
  3. Practice self-discipline of filling your three most important buckets. Physical, spiritual, and emotional.
  4. If you don't aim for the best prospects in your business, you're likely to do business with any prospect. Refocus on the best… And leave the rest.
  5. Delegate, outsource, and eliminate. Don't get bogged down in low-value work.
  6. Aim every day toward the 20% that provides you with the 80% return. Focus on the top 20% of clients and team members, not the bottom.
  7. Never start your day in email. Start your day by setting your mind-set up like a champion - a leader - a winner!

Final note: Everyday move the business needle to a focus on business building, referral follow up, and adding extraordinary value to current clients and customers.

Reserve playing the pinball machine for the beach!

Here's to a focused and successful 2015,


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