Preparing for a Successful 2015

I grew up in a goal-setting family. I have fond memories of walking down the steps of our basement at home and viewing a big piece of butcher paper on the wall with my dads goals written on it. Goals for push-ups, pull-ups, miles ran, and time spent with the punching bag. There were family vacation goals and a couple of big business goals too!

I appreciate that upbringing because I've always been a conscious goal setter. If you don't consciously set goals, that is, if you don't plan on paper or set targets for the weeks, months, and years ahead...then pay close attention to this information. It can and will improve your life's quality and enhance your 2015 success. 

First, what is the definition of a goal? A goal is the ongoing pursuit of a worthy objective until accomplished. 

The Top 10 Goals Checklist:

  1. Build your goals around the "seven key areas"
    • Career
    • Family Relationships
    • Health/Fitness
    • Personal Development
    • Financial
    • Fun Factor
    • Spiritual Peace
  2. Make your goals meaningful and authentic
    • When you prepare to write down your future goals, ask yourself, "what's really important to me?" Your reasons for charting a new course of action are what gives you personal drive and energy to get up each morning ~ even the days you don't feel like it. 
  3. Start with 90 day goals and then 24 months
    • I encourage my clients to start with 90 day goals~ setting 1-3 goals in each area. Once the 90 day goals are completed, take some time to set some 24 month stretch goals.
  4. Make your goals specific and measurable
    • Here is where most people lose it. It's one of the main reasons individuals never achieve what they're capable of. Vague generalizations don't cut it. Here's the point: When you set a goal, challenge yourself with the words, "be more specific." Keep repeating this until your goals are crystal clear and measurable. 
  5. Make your goals flexible
    • Don't be so rigid that you suffocate your goals. Here's the reason: a flexible plan allows you the freedom to change course if a genuine opportunity comes along that is turning a good goal into a better one. 

  6. Select goals that are vision-filled
    • "Vision is a picture of the future which creates passion in the present." Take time to visualize your preferred future with each goal. Visualization stirs emotions and emotions drive our behaviors to achieve our goals. 
  7. Align your goals to your values
    • When your goals are in sync with your core values it creates harmony and powerful momentum. What are your core values? Anything you feel strongly about that resonates at a deeper level of your being. Your fundamental beliefs and your "code of honor." When you harness your core values to positive, exciting, purposeful goals, daily choices become easier and energy levels propel you forward.
  8. Set stretch goals that are grounded in reality
    • Some people set goals that are pure fantasy. Create big and exciting goals, but make sure your plans are not too far-fetched or you'll fade fast and cast aside your goals due to unrealistic achievements. 
  9. Get accountable with your goals
    • Whether it's a coach or a trusted friend, there is power in accountability. I've witnessed a number of my coaching clients stay the course knowing I was there to urge, challenge and encourage them to seize each goal with purpose. 
  10. Completed goals need to be celebrated
    • One of my personal favorite keys to effective goal setting is what I call "finish-line celebrations." I try to set up a small and meaningful reward when I complete a goal. Example: When I hit a business goal, I often set up a night on the town dinner or even purposeful overnighters. 

Set some time aside on your calendar for goal setting and let's turn 2015 into a fruitful, successful, and meaningful year!

Here's to a successful 2015!

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