Reflect & Review 2014

“The value you receive from reflecting will depend on the kinds of questions you ask yourself.”

– John C. Maxwell

2014 has been a spectacular year in many regards. I have enjoyed the privilege of working with many wonderful clients, and using the impactful platform of social media to influence and inspire numerous individuals.

To express my appreciation for you, and to set you up for a stunningly successful 2015, here is a list of "reflect and review" questions that I have previously only shared with my coaching clients:


  • Personal growth: What have I learned this year that will help me grow? How can I apply it to my life? When should I apply it?
  •  Adding value: To whom did I add value this year? How do I know I added value to that person? Can I follow up and compound the positive benefit he or she received?
  • Leadership: Did I lead by example this year? Did I lead my people and organizations to a higher level?
  • Physical health: Did I exercise at my optimal heart rate for 35 minutes 3 to 4 times a week? Did I follow through on my commitment to healthy nutrition this year?
  •  Personal faith: Did I represent God well this year? Did I practice the golden rule? Have I modeled my faith to family and friends?


  • Marriage and family: Did I communicate love to my spouse and children this year? How did I show that love? Did they feel it? Did they return it?
  • Friends: Have I been a good friend this year? To whom? What did I do? Is there something else I need to do, another friend who needs me?
  • Inner circle: Have I spent enough time with my key players? What can I do to help them be more successful? In what areas can I mentor them?
  • God: Have a spent time with God? What is he teaching me now? Am I learning? Have I continually talked with God throughout the year?


  • Discoveries: What did I encounter this year to which I need to give more thinking time? Are there lessons to be learned? Are there things to be done
  • Memories: Did I create a good memory for someone this year? Was it because of a comment, and action, or a shared experience?
  • Failures: What went wrong? Could I have changed it? What did I learn? What do I need to do differently next time?
  • Successes: What went right? Did I create it? Is there a principal I can learn from the experience? Who else can I give credit to?
  • People: Whom did I meet? What is the value and benefit of the relationship?

Concluding Questions:

  • Have I closed my year appropriately? Have I expressed gratitude? Have I learned something, loved someone? Have I enjoyed and lived the year to the fullest? 

*Adapted from John C. Maxwell’s, Thinking for a Change

Personal knowledge is powerful and can launch us into the sustainable success we all desire. Here's to a successful 2015! 

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