Six Benefits of Knowing the Higher Purpose of Your Leadership

By determining your higher purpose in your professional leadership, you'll unleash a higher level of influence, impact, and inspiration to those you serve. 

Your foundational purpose is:

  • Your core motivation for thought and action in every area of your job
  • Your deepest inspiration for getting things done
  • Your critical filter for decision making
  • Your built-in accountability

Without a higher purpose you will:

  • Experience stress 
  • Border on burnout
  • Personalize your decision making 
  • Put too many activities on your plate
  • Experience inconsistant goal achievement
  • Feel rushed
  • Feel unclear about your vision
  • Feel like life is slipping away
  • Lack clarity of what is important

With a higher purpose you will experience:

  • Passion - more excitement, enthusiasm, and energy
  • Personal power - more self-discipline and motivation
  • Productivity - maximizing opportunities daily
  • Profitability - higher earnings
  • Persistence - willingness to get back up and go to the next level
  • Perseverance - more clarity and long-term vision to stay in the game and finish strong

There are many ways to determine our higher purpose in life, leadership, and work, but in my experience, the most important way is to answer these two questions: 

What's important to me about being successful? What does being successful look like? 

Take some time to define your success and you'll discover your higher purpose in leadership. 

Here's to your success! 

- Steve

The purpose of my company is to help professionals develop their personal leadership, vision and emotional intelligence. Everyday I strive to help leaders and teams achieve their desired goals in sales productivity, leadership, time maximization, and life-balance. 

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