Multiply Your Leadership Effect

Leaders who attract followers, grow by addition...

Leaders who attract leaders, grow by multiplication.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a member of a large organization, or run a non-profit, the choice is yours... grow by addition or grow by multiplication. 

I've recently been inspired by partnering with four different companies, from Fourtune 500 to a dynamic firm of less than 100 employees. Each company has leaders committed to attracting leaders and investing in growing their team.

When you see and speak to your team as followers, you impact one person at a time. And you receive the value and power of one person. However, leaders who develop leaders multiply their organization's growth and sales. For every leader an organization develops, they receive the value of that individual's influence and followers. 

Add ten followers - you have the power of ten people. 

Add ten leaders, invest in those leaders - you have the power of ten leaders times all of the followers and leaders they influence.

It's called the "ten x factor." It's the difference between addition growth and multiplication growth. I'm witnessing the four organizations I mentioned experience multiplication growth. They are investing in their human capital through dynamic coaching, custom leadership trainings, and providing opportunities for each leader to develop a clear personal development plan. 

With some renewed vision and thought you can lead your team and grow by multiplication. Just remember: when you invest in your leaders, you'll receive greater quality and quantity from them and therefore multiply the reach and growth you'll experience. 

Here's to multiplication growth!


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